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It's so close…

Get associated is getting closer and closer. We are going through final productions on most tracks and even working on some new ones that may make the cut before we’re done.
If you’re not following us on twitter, facebook, myspace, whatever it is you use… it’s time. I want to hear what ya’ll gotta say, because without you there’s no me.


What’s up y’all? The Associates has been cookin up some heat for y’all in the studio while our webhost got our wordpress setup proper on the new server. Stay tuned for updates. Got some shows coming up and new material.

If you’re trying to book us hit up our management at management@GetAssociated.net. Until next time, stay associated.

Verge of Horizon

What’s up? The homies at Verge of Horizon is playing our joint, “San Jose!” Check out their website at http://www.wix.com/voh_events/verge-of-horizon-events. If y’all play basketball, they have a tournament coming up Thanksgiving weekend that you should check out.