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Sacramento State Show

Ya boy, stkee of The Associates will be performing with DeuceLuv @ Sacramento State’s Union Ballroom this Friday December 4, 2009. Check out the flyer and spread the word!

Saving FACE

The Complete PACkage

Download the Complete PACkage mixtape now! If you can’t catch stkee passing the CDs out in Vegas! It’s a 5 Track mix by DeuceLuv featuring The Associates (Corleone & stkee), DefCase, and DeuceLuv himself! We got the dopest music for y’all who’s watching Cotto vs. Pacquiao!

Complete PACkage front

the complete package back


stkee catches Corleone freestyling

Hanging in the Dro, I caught my homey Corleone freestyling. Check it out: