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Corleone Cutz #1

While stkee was out galavanting around Sacramento State, Corleone of the Associates was lining up the homey Wayne. Yeah, we’re both kings of all trades. If you wanna get lined up n get a fade, holler.


Had a long ass day yesterday but I made it to Sacramento State to support Kappa Psi Epsilon’s PRICELESS a Benefit Concert for Human Trafficking Awareness. Great show. Supporting causes is one thing the Associates get down with even though we weren’t invited to perform. So shout out to the performers who did their thang, hopefully we can Get Associated sooner than later. Y’all inspire us to keep improving ourselves.


Hopie Spitshard & stkee of the Associates

PS: stkee got a fuckin flat tire. Thanks to Anna for the visuals and shelter from the rain. Hope you enjoy those thin mint Girl Scout Cookies.

stkee cleaning up after himself in Anna's garage

Return of the Hurricane

Just came back from a press conference for the Julaton vs. Alcanter. It looks like it’ll be an exciting fight between Ana Julaton and Franchesca Alcanter. If you’d like to attend the fight, check out http://www.thehurricanereturns.com/ for tickets. The fight will be held at The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA this Friday, February 25, 2011.

stkee & Ana Julaton photographed by Truth Esguerra for Philippine News