Grinding is a word hustlers use to describe their struggle. It’s a word that embodies Hip-Hop culture and what The Associates have been doing way before the Fresh Prince was on TV Land.

The Associates, made up of rapper, Corleone and producer, stkee combine to create a sound that challenges the definition of rap, at the same time taking you through the Bay Area streets from their perspective.

With their typical Bay Area upbringing they bring to the Hip-Hop world an atypical outlook. Both stkee and Corleone were on their own grinds when they met through Alpha Kappa Omega fraternity and realized they both saw music as the glue that kept their lives together.

“Being a group was more of an elevation than a motivation,” recalls Corleone. “We worked well together and decided that we should continue to make music together, that simple.”

Avoiding the threat of watering down their sound, The Associates have not given up quality for quantity, keeping only hits among the hundreds of songs written. Corleone’s cool, calculated delivery and stkee’s stirring instrumentals are distilled and refined from influences ranging from obscure ’70s soul to modern pop.

Staying on the grind, The Associates find their own inspiration through family ties and the desire to become legendary musicians.

Get Associated is the debut album featuring the singles, Friday Night and In The Zone. The LP is anticipated to make major waves in the Hip-Hop game and the new players rockin’ the boat are holding their own & staking their claim on the Bay Area scene. The Associates are calling you out:

“Get associated, get used to the fact that we’re going to be here for a while.”