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Sari Sari Underground – YouTube




Sari Sari Underground – YouTubeTo shoot the commercial, they paid me in gum.

Two Rappers, One Mic

The Associates makes the first of many performances together at KYR/FYC’s Open Mic. Thank you Mark for organizing a dope ass show. Get Associated the album is available at Know Your Roots Apparel at 942 E. Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA. Also, you can get tatted up right next door at 4ZeroEight Tattoos. Shout out to Monk (aka Big Poppa Punk a Bitch), Bossquach, DefCase, Ver5e, Tugboat, and everyone else in attendance. Thanks Gabby for sharing the video!

By Popular Demand

Me and Corleone (a.k.a The Associates) been droppin tracks on twitter on a daily basis and folks been asking for some links. So here ya go:

  1. She’s Fresh (My Type)
  2. Mic Robbery
  3. Meeting Demands

Y’all support is much appreciated. If ya aint followin us holler at ya boys stkee (@iDropHitz) and Corleone (@corleone42). We finna drop more tracks.

Shout outs to DJ SteezO of 959 DJs for spreading the track. Shout outs to DJ Dose of HVYRSNL for pushin the track, too.

PS: The Complete PACkage featuring The Associates, DeuceLuv, and DefCase is now being packaged with orders at http://www.PSTGear.com. Check out the website for some hot gear.