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She’s Fresh Live

Check out the footage Ed Martin took at Vision 2011. The Associates rocked the stage and entertained the crowd with their popular song She’s Fresh.

February 2010 Presskits

What’s up everyone? It’s been a month but ya boys Corleone and stkee have been hard at work closing up the album. We’ve been saying it over and over again but we do got some hot music for y’all to vibe to.

At the moment we are pushing out our February Presskits so if y’all need more information bout the Associates and how we can hook it up with the good music and live performances, hit up management@getassociated.net. Stay tuned.

PS: stkee is fundraising for the Oakland Marathon as a team of our associates will be running along with him. Our focus is to contribute to the fight against Leukemia and Cancer. Contribute by checking out the Kapipal link to the right. Thanks for the support.