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The Chill Mixtape

Checked in with DJ Dose and he said he scrapped his first mix and went back in. Thanks for the patience, he is working hard to put out a great product. Until then, check out www.soundcloud.com/getassociated


For everyone who is supporting us on SoundCloud, Thank you and feel free to comment. This ramp up in support has us working on our next project before DJ Dose finishes with the Chill Mixtape.

For more music click the following: soundcloud.com/GetAssociated

To Our Dearest Fans

In celebration of some good news we’re preparing to announce, we are thanking y’all by dropping a new mixtape! You can download “Associate’s Creed” by clicking here. Also, you may have noticed we’ve updated our website. Roam around, check it out, and let us know what y’all think. In parting, we leave you with a track from our latest mixtape…